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Old School New Body – $16 bucks for a lifetime workout

Posted by on Jan 29, 2017 in Fitness Product Information | Comments Off on Old School New Body – $16 bucks for a lifetime workout

Old School New Body – Most Bang For Your Buck

Old School New Body has been around for quite some time and even though its not the most well known fitness program out there, people can still gain a lot from it. It’s important to point out that although it comes in for somewhere between sixteen to twenty dollars these days, it’s still packed with excellent value. Especially in comparison to products that cost upward of 3 to 5 times the cost.

This Is Not A Fly By Night Workout

Some people have a bit of apprehension when buying a digital information product, but the creator and author is none other than Steve Holman – longtime body builder and Editor-in-chief of Ironman Magazine. Steve has a ton of street cred to his name to say the least so you can be comfortable with having his name behind the program. After all, its his professional reputation that’s on the line.

What Is Old School New Body?

This workout program is a home based end to end fitness book that has all ages and genders in mind. The equipment requirements are minimal, such as a set of old school new body - steve holman - ironman magazinedumbells a bench and chin-up bar is all you need to get started. You might benefit from a fuller set of weights, but I’ve found adjustable dumbells to be all I need to make use of the F4x weight lifint protocol that is made famous by Steve.

Is This A Complete Program?

I know the price seems low, but yes, this is indeed a complete program that takes you through 3 phases each designed to be progressive or stand alone depending on your goals. If all you want to do is tone-up, then phase1 is for you as it is mostly centered around beginners. Don’t get me wrong, veterans can learn a thing or two in this phase. Phase 2 is designed to tone you more and help burn fat. Phase 3 is completely optional as it is intended to help you pack on muscle.

Who Is OSNB For?

Becky Holman, Steve’s wife, is also a contributor to the workout series. That said, you can be certain that this program is for anyone, whether they are a guy or gal. You can learn more about Oold School New Body, by checking out the detailed review at austinemerging.comĀ old school new body review.


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Does the flex belt ab toning belt work?

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The Title Says It All: Does The Flex Belt Work?

Is the Flex Belt all it’s cracked-up to be? With all of the fad diets and equipment these days, you can be hard pressed to comb through the information available on the word wide web, let alone determine what is clear and accurate.

Is The Flex Belt Another Fad?

This is a pretty fair question to ask after all, isn’t it? I mean, anything that promises to build a firm tummy or toned core without work usually turns out to be a dud. There are no “push button”methods for getting this done, period. However, this does not mean that there are programs and products that can supplement a healthy diet andĀ  workout routine to get you slim or toned faster.

We Put The Flex Belt To Test

This ab toning belt works with EMS technology to send electronic signals to your body that forces your abs to contract. This stimulation simulates the type of resistance you would get from doing crunches or other ab exercises (stay away from sit-ups). Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology has been around for years and is used in medicine quite a bit (EMS).

The technology is used to help people who have been hurt or to overcome issues related to muscle control. You will find this to be frequent in sports and medicine.

The company (BMR) who produces the Flex Belt brings Electronic Muscle Stimulate technology to your own home with an FDA cleared (medical grade device). This equipment is not FDA approved, but the clearance gives consumers confidence that the product is indeed safe to use. This is a status than no other ab belt on the market can claim.


Is The Flex Belt Worth It?

The price of this device can range upward of $200 and let’s be honest, it will not help you lose weight. In fact, ab exercises alone will not do this either. However, users of the device who have followed a consistent workout schedule and a healthy eating life style have reported a more toned and firm mid-section than they would have had without adding this ab belt to their routine.

Click here for an honest 3rd party Flex Belt review to determine if it is the right addition to your fitness arsenal before spending your hard earned cash.

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A Guide To Health and Fitness

Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Health and Fitness | Comments Off on A Guide To Health and Fitness

When you are thinking of getting rid of those excess fats in your body, you are the only person who can do that. Do not aim for that unless you want to see yourself healthy and free from health complications because you have excessive fats. A lot of people are aiming to lose weight and end up starving themselves thinking that this can help them shed weight.


There are a lot of ways to do it but the effective way to eliminate body fat fast is to stay motivated and to persevere. When starting a weight loss program, most dieters think they can just apt and get started and start seeing results today. Weight loss does not work like that, most dieters fail with it because they lose motivation with their workout or perhaps their cardio routines are too long and boring or maybe they hate half the food on their meal plan. Weight loss can be a challenge but it is not impossible.

11You need to stay motivated in order to achieve your weight loss goals. Find a workout partner, join a gym, be innovative with your meal plan, if you don’t like cabbage use lettuce instead, have fun and don’t beat yourself up too much. If you cheat, don’t stop just get back up and keep focusing on your weight loss goals. One of the top effective ways to maximum weight reduction is to stay positive and surround yourself with people who want to achieve weight loss so that you can learn and share. You need not starve yourself if you want to lose weight. You only need to learn to choose what you eat and measure your intake. Take note that anything in excess is not good. Value your health and make it a priority so that you will have a healthy and fit body.

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Health and Fitness – An Analysis

Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Health and Fitness | Comments Off on Health and Fitness – An Analysis

10Have you ever wondered why you are not losing weight even after those hours of exercising and starving yourself? Even if you stay longer at the gym and run on the treadmill for more hours, the results will not show if you continue to eat the wrong food. It does not mean you have to starve yourself and not feed on anything, you simply have to choose what’s going to help you.

Avoid all processed foods and carbonated drinks from your meal plan. Your meal plan is a very important part of your weight loss goals and one of the top effective ways to lose weight fast is to concentrate on raw organic foods that do not contain any sweeteners or additives. The additives almost always contain sugar which is high in calories and bad for weight loss. Another tip includes avoiding carbonated drinks and sodas which also contain sweeteners high in sugar.healthy-life-1024x973

These additives or addictive make you crave for more and more. Instead, a tip on the effective ways to lose weight fast is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, this will not only flush out toxins from your body but water will help you to lose weight fast by curbing out cravings for sweets and biscuits as you feel fuller with each gulp. A plus for water intake is that it does not contain any calories therefore making it one of the top effective ways to lose weight fast. Water intake will also boost your metabolism and keep you energized from all your intensive workout routines. Focus more on healthy food as well which can help with your metabolism. Choose those high in fiber to reinforce your fat burning enzymes. You only need to be dedicated in getting rid of your excess fats and you will see it happen one day.

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